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    The Palm Grip Trigger Shower System is designed to apply water
    exactly where you need it
    only when you need it

    An inspired new shower-shot douching system puts an in-line, spring-loaded on/off control lever in the palm of your hand.

  • This nozzle has revolutionized my douching experience. In its rest state, the palm grip trigger is closed (shut-off) until you squeeze it, so no water sprays out until you want it to. With a little practice, you can douche fully and quickly with this shower hose without getting wet!

  • The firm "L" shape of the neoprene rubber nozzle directs the water straight out three inches from the handle  and then takes a 90-degree turn upwards continuing two more inches directly into your hole. The shaped rubber nozzle is rigid enough to maintain its form while remaining smooth and supple.

  • This system includes everything* you need to install the system from scratch: the Palm Grip Trigger Nozzle, an attatched shower hose connection adapter (1/2" standard, used both in the US and abroad,) an approximately 79" shower hose (may differ slightly from the hose pictured,) and a shower diverter.
  • For the nozzle only (not including a shower hose or a shower diverter) see PALM GRIP TRIGGER NOZZLE.

  • * Does not include a necessary wrench or optional teflon tape
  • NOZZLE LENGTH 3.00" out 2.00" up



    DIAMETER 0.5"
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