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  • Silicone cockrings and ballstretchers require careful handling and special attention. There is no material that feels as supple against the skin or has the same soft stretch as silicone, but silicone can be weakened by residual silicone solvents sometimes found in low-grade silicone lubricants.  Washing your rings and toys with dish-washing soap after each use is strongly recommended.
  • Silicone has an unparalleled ability to rebound without degradation despite being repeatedly compressed or flexed ( i.e. the stresses associated with dildo and toy usage), whereas other elastomers (the technical term for rubbers) will gradually incur wear and eventually tear and will fail.  However, when stretched to its limits silicone becomes susceptible to tear propagation, which is the propensity for tiny nicks or creases to advance suddenly and swiftly through the material.  "Doubling-Up" (or wrapping it around twice) constitutes a sort of "Cockring Russian Roulette." Sooner or later... "POP!"  So be mindful and avoid over-stretching your silicone. 
[Dildos and plugs are rarely in a situation where such severe stretching forces might similarly be a cause for concern, It bears noting, nevertheless.]