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Pitch Black
Metallic Silver
  • Do you know how deep your love is? This toy can tell you. 

    "How Deep Is Your Love" is super soft, slender, smooth, and super flexible; designed to slide all the way up your tunnel of love, deep into your colon, and slip into uncharted territory. The length/depth is subtly marked along the side  inch by inch like a ruler, from 1 to 24, showing you just how deep your "love" actually is!

    If you've never experienced depth play, the sensation is impossible to imagine. You know that special "soul-mate" cock? The one that feels like it was custom made to fit your ass because it's girth feels like it fills you up completely. Well, there is another way that your hole can be filled that concerns your depth rather than your width, and uwhereas the width of your tunnel is essentially limited, your  depth is effectively  boundless.

    when you get in deep, every few inches it will feel as though you've hit the back wall, making you think it can't possibly go any deeper. The truth is, there is no such back wall, only closed doors. You've passed into  the realm of your body that you have no direct conscious control over, so you have to get sneaky and exert indirect control to open those doors up. 

    Before admiting defeat, pull the toy back out ever so slightly, just an inch.  Your body will relax a bit, thinking you've given up and prompting the involuntary sphincter muscle which was clenched shut  and blocking your path to release its hold. And then, with a gentle push, you'll feel the toy pass thorugh that gullible sphincter and down a little deeper...

    One of my partners, Michael, really loves this toy.  Normally,  I can take about 19 inches (not too shabby); but beyond that my sphincters just refuse to relax; and the only way he can go deeper, apparenlty, is if I "somehow" become unconscious, at which point he can very carefully get the whole 24 inches inside me, burried to the goddamned hilt.  If he hadn't taken pictures to prove it, I'd never have believed him.

    Its important to proceed slowly with depth toys (both when inserting and withdrawing.)  Your insides are delicate; and the deeper you go, the more delicate and tissue-like the intestines become.  The length and softness of this toy allows it to wind around inside you; and too quick a motion can effectively grab and tug areas that are not meant to be man-handled, potentially causing damage.







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