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Got an idea for a new toy that you want to see brought to life?  Or maybe a modification made to an existing toy?  Contact me and we can look into making your fantasy dildo a reality...*

*Not all toys are created equal,  some may be simple, fast, and inecxpensive, others may require an entirely new design. Prices will vary accordingly and are made in two separate, non-refundable payments.

The first payment is due up-front and is non-refundable as it coveres the mateials, time, and effort required to design a toy.

The second payment is due upon completion, porior to shipping the toy, and is also non-refundable due to the intmarte naure of these items.

Should you no longer wish to purchase the final product for any reason after the first payment has been made, you are in no way obligated to proceed with the second paymen. However the first payment remains non-refundable, as  it provides for designing the item only, not the production of the final product.

The time required for completion will vary as it depends on many factors. Bringing something new to life can be challenging and can't be rushed. 




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Customer Reviews

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