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Pitch Black
Metallic Silver

The naming of this toy was a difficult matter.  It certainly looks and feels like a wiggly tentacle, something from the unfathomable depths squiggling its way up to grasp at your heart.   With irregular nubby bumps along one side, like the grippers of an octopus,  you can target the prostate for extra stimulation, or reverse the toy and let the smooth side slide plunge gently inside.

The model for this toy, however has its "roots" in my childhood home of New Orleans, and though it comes from the swamps, it doesn't squiggle, wiggle or grasp.  It is molded from an actual "cypress knee," one of the peculiar protrusions of a cypress tree's root system which poke up from the swampy ground surrounding the tree's trunk.  Just like us, they come in all shapes and sizes.  Growing up, I remember lusting after a particularly alluring if impracticable specimen standing proudly at attention in our neighbor's front yard. Not only was it in plain sight of the entire community, but rough bark covered it completely, keeping me and my lewd intentions at bay.  It took some doing, but I've finally realized my dream, and mounted the insurmountable! 

I don't know which is stranger: a monstrous imaginary sea creature's arm or the actual appendage of a towering swamp thing. But either way, it's a crazy ride!