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Pitch Black
  • Mister "X" must go unnamed. But what a behemoth! Truly a tremendous trunk of Pornstar cock.

    Mister "X" and I were hanging one night in NYC, just goofing around and playing show and tell with our bags of tricks. Mister "X" whipped out a multi-strap contraption that he had created. It looked innocent enough, consisting of two leather and nylon straps joined at the middle in the shape of (drum-roll, please) ...an "X!"

    Mister "X" laid the straps on the bed, laid me on top of the straps, and  when he lifted the straps beneath me, magically, up i rose. He tossed me around like a rag doll and slammed me down onto his treetrunk over and over and over again.

    Next it was my turn to show and tell. Not wanting to be outdone, i suggested we go out for some fresh air. I pulled on my slutty jeans , a pair of Levi's with the stitches removed up the ass seam . They're fun because noone can tell that they've been modified. There's no "hole" in the fabric,  just an un-stitched seam, where the two sides still come together and appear normal.  So i can wear them on the street. have easy access for my hole to be entered.   MIster "X" pulled his cock out trough his fly, came up behind me and slid it in my ass through the slit in my jeans, wrapping his arms around me in a bear hug. In that position, with his anaconda cock balls deep up my ass, we walked out the front door of my Hells Kithcen apartment, right down ninth avenue, through the crowds of fags who could totally tell with a glance that we were fucking, but could not actually see any skin at all.  Fucking in public,  in plain sight,  with no indecent exposure, no law broken.  Classic and classy!







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    1. Descriptions reflect my own opinions and personal experiences only and do not, in any way, signify anyintended usage or instructions for use. Descriptions are provided solely asanecdote. It is up to you to know the limits of your own ability. Always play with a clear head and well within your personal comfort zone. By purchasing an item on WADtoys.com, the purchaser accepts sole responsibility for the item'sultimate usage.
    2. Dimensions are provided for your convenience. Measurements have been made to the best of my ability; but as these items are hand-made, silicone is flexible, and measuring techniques vary, measurements are not to be considered exact.
    3. Color profiles vary from monitor to monitor and from toy to toy; a degree of color variance is to be expected.